🏆 The 9 Principles of #Bitcoin Maximalism 🏆

A thread on the values that unite us and why the movement can be a force for good / 🧵
1. A Commitment to Safeguarding #Bitcoin for Future Generations
2. A Commitment to Running the #Bitcoin Software
3. A Commitment to Slow Software Changes and Enfranchising All Users
4. A Commitment to #Building Services on Bitcoin
5. A Commitment to Using #Bitcoin to the Greatest Extent
6. A Commitment to Opposing Censorship and Surveillance
7. A Commitment to Supporting #Bitcoin Mining by Any and All Means
8. A Commitment to Crypto Minimalism
9. A Commitment to Keeping #Bitcoin Open for All
Disclaimer: This is #bitcoin, so recognize that no one is telling you to adopt this framework

Criticism welcomed 💀

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I've been thinking about this excellent thread from @pete_rizzo_ for a while. Bear markets tend to see a lot of fighting over our differences where it might be more productive to focus on where we agree. I like Rizzo's thread as it presents a unifying mission.