John Oliver’s piece on carbon credits was brutal, quite funny and actually very well researched.

I think it’s great the topic is going mainstream and its real problems are exposed.

Now, I know first hand that they can be done and used right for incredibly positive impact.

I’ve seen dozens of projects and companies doing incredible work, with very rigorous standards, making responsible science-based claims.

These efforts are resulting in effective climate mitigation, with meaningful ecological and social impact today and for the long term.

The question remains, how do we ensure all companies only invest in the right projects and make the right claims?

And also, how do we enable rapid scaling up of only good projects, with proper accounting and true climate impact?

That’s what we (and others) are working on.

With todays science, tech & data we can create effective mechanisms to drive funding to carbon sequestration that will not happen otherwise, making polluters take responsibility for their past emissions as they rapidly decarbonize.

And nature can’t wait. We must do all we can to save the critical rainforests which are turning into carbon emitters, and reverse the trend making nature a giant carbon sink and the home of the biodiversity our future planet needs.

So much work to do! 👊🏽
PS, here’s the clip:

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