In the last 10 years I have hired over 300 people.

I have found that it's WAY HARDER to recruit senior women leaders, even as a female CEO.

Here’s my playbook for how to get great senior women to join your company:
Let's first understand why it can be hard to recruit women leaders (myself included).

There are a lot of extra hurdles, but they all tie to one main concept.

Women don't want to let ANYONE down - their family, current team or future team.
This manifests into 5 hiring challenges:

1. Women are loyal, even when they shouldn't be
2. Women are less likely to engage
3. Women feel more obligated to finish vesting
4. Women don't want to leave their family behind
5. Women must be overqualified before they feel ready
So how do you break through?

Here is my Head, Heart, Hustle framework for hiring great women leaders:
HUSTLE | 3 week sprint.

Hire an exec recruiter and exclusively source women in the first 3 weeks of your search.

If your recruiter doesn't personally know the candidate, have the CEO/exec find a warm intro. Go for a networking chat if they're not open to a recruiting call.
HUSTLE | Meet in person

In your first meeting, lock in an in-person coffee/lunch/dinner for 2-3 weeks out.

This is a must!

They don't live near you? Luckily you happen to have a customer meeting in their hood ;)

Establish a text relationship when you meet.
HEART | The 5 hour rule

If they're intrigued, I ask them to spend a total of 5 hours with me.

- Humans irrationally prioritize the familiar (e.g. their current team)
- It takes 5 hrs of exposure to become familiar
- Then they can make an apples to apples decision
HEART | Build an emotional connection to your team

In each meeting, book time with another member of your team.

- Want to see a demo with my cofounder?
- Anna would love to learn how you built your design system.

Advising agreements are great for the long game.
HEART | Show them how much they can help

Draw them into your problems.

I sent CRO candidates sales Gong videos.

They all came back lit up with a million ideas to improve our sales process.

Be honest about the mess. Tell them you want a partner to build the business with.
HEAD | Show (don't tell) work life balance

Proactively bring up individual examples of work life balance.

Ex: let's schedule your meeting with John before 5pm b/c 5-8 is his family time.

Eventually I'd force a direct conversation about the topic b/c they won't bring it up.
HEAD | Understand equity upfront

How to overcome the "I have to finish vesting" problem?

Break down your comp and equity package earlier in the process.

My exec recruiter helped candidates understand how much $$ they were leaving on the table by delaying vesting at Mutiny.
HEAD | Leverage board members and customers

Board members and customers give new perspectives on your business. (Gong recordings are a good sub for live customer calls.)

And they speak in plain English about your market opportunity and the pain you address.
Hiring senior women leaders is hard. Improve your odds by following the Head, Heart, Hustle framework:

- Exclusive 3 week sourcing sprint
- Build an emotional connection
- Show them how much they can help
- Show (don't tell) work life balance
- Understand comp/equity upfront

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