As you know, I have been saying for a long time that the #education system is designed to push agendas and to socially engineer society.

Today I was anonymously sent a smoking gun.

The person who sent me this is a high school teacher in the UK.

Read on.....
The school they teach at has signed their staff up to 'Teacher App' or 'Tapp' in an attempt to gain vouchers for 'educational books' (subsidies).

All teachers have to partake in the surveys that are pushed to them.

Now, who might back such a project?
A three-second internet search gives you the answer...

So, the business model is simple.

Capture as many schools and teachers as you can in a 'voucher for education subsidy grift' with government seed funding.

Then push the 'innocently structured' questionnaires out to the staff who are now contractually obliged to complete them.
So, let's take a look at the survey that was pushed out onto the app to THOUSANDS of teachers across the UK today..
Wait, there is more...
Not finished yet.....
So, now, the State, is in your classrooms, in your homes, in your teacher's heads and in your children's heads.

All of this data will be collated and used to find which narratives have been the most effective and should be used again to drive division...
and to pinpoint hotspots of 'free thought' and 'radical anti-government hostiles.'


It's not a curriculum, it's an agenda.

It's not 'PubLic ScHoOl' or 'for your #education'

It's 'STATE SCHOOL' and they own your child, tell it what to wear and how to think.
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Interesting thread on the relationship between government, schooling and social control. I'm bullish on homeschooling.