1/ Bitcoin maxis are a dying breed. While there was a time where ~everything except Bitcoin was basically a scam, that hasn't been true for a long time, and the smart money has moved on to figuring out which projects are going somewhere, and which are straight pump-and-dumps.
2/ This is particularly damning to Bitcoin b/c, instead of its most vocal proponents explaining why Bitcoin is great and unique, its most vocal proponents spend all their time just attacking other projects. Sure, some of them are scams and may deserve it, but it doesn't help BTC.
3/ The "narrative wars" are coming, arguably are already here. With ETH (finally) moving to PoS, people who've only heard about how "PoS won't work" from Bitcoiners will have even less reason to care about what Bitcoiners have to say.
4/ And because of the "us-vs-them" culture that has developed in cryptocurrency, many ETH folks (like Ripple before them) will move on to lobbying regulators to make it harder and harder to access Bitcoin "because PoW boils the ocean".
5/ Focus on why Bitcoin is unique, talk about the difference of approach and conservatism and a focus on why Bitcoin is the only real candidate as a truly neutral currency for the internet. Point out how funding models change neutrality, but don't call that a scam, cause its not.
6/ Cause some people unnecessarily feel called out - no, just thinking Bitcoin is cool and other things are less interesting isn't the problem, its thinking everything else is a scam just because its different, rather than has a different goal,

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