No one realizes the brilliance of @erikswahn's Kinetograms...yet

At first glance, I thought it was nice to look at

But then, I hit "t" on a live render & found myself watching 100s of outputs until 2 in the morning

Why is "t" revolutionary?

Watch this video & read this thread

1/ First, notice there are no features (traits) assigned to Kinetograms like most @fx_hash_ projects

But there are definitely features, and values assigned to each (if by design or not, I am not sure)

Here is the description of the project before we dive in
2/ Let's talk colors

There are monochrome and wild color palettes. I love them all, and appreciate that every collector can choose whatever color(s) resonate with them.

Here are a few random examples:
3/ Hidden traits 👀

There are several of these easter eggs throughout the project. I am not sure if they were designed or glitches. (@erikswahn can chime in on that)

But either way, they add so much character to the collection.

Check out this "void" (not sure what to call it?)
4/ Grids

As I scrolled through, I realized the grids were a huge component of this collection (I had previously overlooked)

Some outputs are a single grid, others have 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 grids (AFAIK)

Both vertical and horizontal options

They're all equally beautiful
5/ Now go play!

Open up a bunch of tabs and hit "t" on each live render

It feels like painting — you are the artist within the project

Thank you for creating such a masterpiece @erikswahn, I can't wait to continue exploring these!
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