The 1 hour playbook to 3x your odds of promotion:
1/ Grade yourself against the 3-5 aspects of your job.

Are you Behind, At, or Ahead of expectations?

What's critical? Being honest.

This is not the time to posture.
2/ Provide data that supports the grade.

Be brief: 2-3 bulleted examples

Bonus points: highlight how you plan to do even better
3/ Send it to them and ask them to do the same.

Grades + supporting data.

Reiterate: You want their honest POV.

Ask to meet and compare notes.
4/ Now here's the crucial part:

If they agree you're performing well
-> Confirm that they'll recommend your promotion
-> If not, understand the gap you need to close

If they disagree on performance
-> Get them to detail what you need to do differently
-> Show genuine gratitude
5/ Now once a month between now and promotion time:

Send them an update.

Show them how you stacked the wins and closed the gaps.

They know what you expect.

And by beating their expectations - and telling about it - you're arming them to make your case.
And managers:

There’s nothing stopping you from running the playbook proactively in reverse.

I promise whatever challenging conversation you’re dreading now is worse when it’s a surprise at year end.

At least now there’s time to improve and recover.
That's it. Simple.

But 99% of your colleagues won't make this tiny investment.

Will you?

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A great short and sweet thread Dave!

Wish I had this playbook when I was working full-time! Great share