So when did this chatter about the open metaverse begin? I started writing about it in 2015, 2016, and 2017, when the only person really pushing it was Tim Sweeney of Epic Games.
Here's another piece where he spoke about it seriously, as if it were around the corner.
He brought it up at our GamesBeat events in that time frame.
And he looked forward, unlike many of the gaming gurus at the time, to what technology would deliver for us.
He wasn't always right. Sweeney predicted it would happen earlier than it has, for sure. But he put the metaverse on our radar he saw that technology was heading in a direction that would make sci-fi into reality.
It's not quite here yet. But people like Sweeney have been taking the metaverse seriously for a long time, before all the hype, and that's how you make it happen.
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