I went from charging $10k to $100k for the same service.

Follow these 10 commandments to level up your pricing:

Over the last 5 years running my agency I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to charge high-ticket prices.

The most surprising takeaway?

Talent & experience have nothing to do with it.

So what does?
Commandment 1: stop underselling your value.

The biggest thing stopping you from charging premium rates… is you.

Call it imposter sydnrom, call it low self-worth.

If you believe your service is only as valuable as the time you spend doing it — you’re done for.

Time ≠ money
Commandment 2: establish a reliable pipeline.

If you want to charge more, you’ve got to be willing to say no.

Hard to do that w/o any other options.

Focus on building a pipeline, then repeat after me:

“Sorry, but these are the rates if you’d like to work with us.”
Commandment 3: solve big problems, create big value.

Different clients have…
Different problems &…
Different budgets

Solve the same problem for 2 different clients & generate drastically different value.

Your job: Find the clients who get the most value from your service.
Commandment 4: embrace the micro-agency model.

Like it or not...

Agencies command higher prices than freelancers.

But the traditional agency model sucks:

→ It’s risky
→ Requires capital
→ Slow to profit

Thankfully, there’s another way.
It’s called a micro-agency.

It combines the benefits of the freelancer & agency models, without all the BS.

Interested in learning more?

Check out my thread on how to build a micro-agency here.

Commandment 6: Stop pitching.

Pitching establishes the wrong power dynamic between you and the client.

Us versus them.
Win or lose.

Stop doing it. Instead, flip the script.

Turn it into a conversation. Work together to uncover their problem & define a solution.
Commandment 5: Ask the right questions.

Anyone can “do” the work. Few can offer strategy.

To amp up your value:

→ Ask great questions
→ Do more digging
→ Diagnose hidden problems

They should leave the conversation feeling like you know their business better than they do.
Commandment 7: package your solution.

Are you building a website?

Or helping satellite universities improve recruitment by optimizing their platform?

The same service with an ace package can be worth 10x the value.

Don’t sell a service…

Sell a solution.
Commandment 8: make them feel safe.

Want a client to pay you $100k?

Then they need to feel confident they’re in good hands.

1) Have a bulletproof process
2) Communicate it clearly

Show them you’ve done this before.

Make ‘em feel safe, remove all room for doubt.
Commandment 9: remove the risk.

Risk & price have an inverse correlation.

Remove risk & you can charge a lot more.

Ask yourself: what is the riskiest part of working with me? How can I remove that risk for the client?

Add a guarantee…

Then 3x your price.
Commandment 10: become an authority.

Nobody knows your world better than you.

Create content that establishes you as a thought leader.

> Twitter
> Youtube
> Podcasts

My trick: Audit big brands in a public way. Show us what they're doing wrong.

Instant credibility.
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