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Here's a cream-of-the-crop, monster 🧵 of key resources for both newbies & OGs...

“My journey through NFTs & Web3 has been as much of an education in Technology, as it has been in Philosophy, Economics, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship. Did you get that MBA too?”

- @WhaleShark_Pro

Let’s make this a world-class resource for new builders, creators, dreamers.

If I've missed them - add a key resource in the comments✍️

Go-to's for Web3 Thought Leadership 🧠

@punk6529, all things Web3
@WhaleShark_Pro, wisdom
@ArtOnBlockchain (@artblocks), key ideas
@awrigh01 & @NTmoney & @punk4156, bold ideas
@iamDCinvestor & @AndrewSteinwold, investing
@ArtMatthewStone & @RAC, Art+Life

Any others? (4/25)
To feel the Web3 Community Pulse 🫀

@GuyNorcal🫀@DeezeFi🫀@DCLBlogger🫀@andr3w 🫀@2Yeahyeah🫀@digitalartchick🫀@pranksy🫀@MyBFF🫀@Cooopahtroopa

Pulse-makers, who else should be here? (5/25)
Folks that put Web3 & NFTs in perspective, with higher-level thinking on technology and innovation 🌐

@naval / @cdixon / @balajis / @eladgil

Discover broad genres of Art from these Great Collectors 🎨


Collectors, whose collections & taste do you admire? (7/25)
Notable NFT Collectors👑

@NFTgirl👑 @Anonymoux2311👑@gmoneyNFT👑@NateAlexNFT👑@33NFT

Wait, what’s web3? 🤔

Start here 👇

1. @cdixon’s web3 collected 🧵:
2. @benedictevans’s podcast for a best TLDR on web2 vs. web3:
3. @a16z's primer:

Know other resources? (9/25)
Wait, what are NFTs? 🤔

Start here 👇

1. @a16z's essay, 1000 True NFT Fans:
2. Generative artist @mattdesl breaks down NFTs:
3. The Art Law podcast:

What other resources are superb for newbies? (10/25)
For Critical thought on NFTs 🧐read:

1. @artnome’s @RtClick_Save publication with @AlexEstorick as editor in chief (they also have a podcast, Right Click Save Radio.)
2. @NftEconomist
3. @ProfessorJun_ for Art critique 🎩

Who else 💭 deeply on critical issues? (11/25)
Go-tos for web3, NFT news 🗞️

🗞️@nftnow (by @mattmedved)
🗞️@RugRadio (by @farokh) w/ host @adamamcbride
🗞️@jennifer_sutto’s Weekly Updates
🗞️@kevinrose’s Proof Podcast (​​@proof_xyz)
🗞️@a16z’s web3 substack:

Writers, where do you get the scoop? (12/25)
Key accounts to follow for technical chatter ⚙️

@VitalikButerin⚙️@wwhchung⚙️@bantg⚙️@ElectricCapital's yearly developer report ⚙️ @web3isgreat (by @molly0xFFF)

🤓 who else talks about technical challenges in web3?
“Blockchains fundamentally don’t transmit financial capital but cultural capital.

The size of cultural capital markets are still small but will grow…” - @awrigh01

Emerging Web3 Studios & Museums supporting new artists 🏦

@MuseumofCrypto by @co1born⚜️@verticalcrypto ⚜️@QuantumNFT by @justinaversano⚜️@MOCDA_ ⚜️@MuseumOfNFTArt⚜️@accelerateart by @ClaireSilver12

Who am I missing? (15/25)
Top Marketplaces for the discovery of NFTs across genres:

@opensea (largest, oldest, on ETH)
@Rarible (multichain)

@SuperRare (ETH)
@niftygateway (ETH)
@Foundation (ETH)

Web3 technology has enabled digitally-native art to proliferate.💡

We can more easily transact, which has expanded the appreciation of digital art. #generativeart #nftphotography #AIart 💫

Go-to's for Generative Art💻


@KnownOrigin_io▪️@fx_hash_ (tz)▪️@objktcom (tz)▪️@versumofficial (tz)▪️@artblocks_io (ETH), on chain.


Top communities for NFT photography📸

@obscuradao🔹@NFTPhotographers🔹@Sloika🔹@TheRAWdao by @justinaversano🔹@fellowshiptrust by @halecar2🔹

Any others friends? #nftphotography (19/25)
Jump-offs for Art-Tech Frontiers...

@braindrops_art & @ClaireSilver12

🌀Glitch, Trash, Pixel Art
@patrickamadon & @ROBBNESS

🖌️Digital Painting


Contemporary Art, Media Shoutouts 🔊

@whitehotmag〽️ @NOWNESS〽️ @friezeofficial〽️ @ArtReview_ 〽️

..for inspiration, news and more.

To Discover Artist Interviews & Spotlights, checkout:

⭐️@nft_in_'s interviews:
⭐️@nftnow’s 100 list:
⭐️@artsy for in-depth, trad artist spotlights
⭐️@jeremycowart’s #Web3Yearbook

Shoutout to Artists pushing boundaries & uplifting others:


Finally here are a few OG crypto folks that have been holding up the fort 🏰

@XCOPYART⚔️@artnome⚔️@ohhshiny⚔️ @ericprhodes⚔️@seedphrase⚔️@ROBNESSOFFICIAL⚔️ @muratpak⚔️ @beeple⚔️ @_menkman

OGs, add your fellow friends.

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