15 timeless investing principles, visualized:

1: If you want to build wealth, you have to invest
2: Don't invest in stocks until you are ready

Focus on financial wellness first
3: Dealing with volatility is so much easier when your personal finances are hyper-conservative
4: In the beginning, your savings rate is all that matters

Over time, your investment returns become all that matter
5: What’s risky in the short-term is safe in the long-term

What’s safe in the short-term is risky in the long-term
6: Earning high returns has a cost
7: Dollar cost averaging makes market timing irrelevant
8: The business and the stock are 0% correlated in the short-term, but 100% correlated in the long-term
9: Humans are born to be bad at investing

Understand that your emotions are going to play all kinds of tricks on you along the way
10: Easy: Saying you can handle volatility

Hard: Actually handling volatility
11: Invest. Don't trade.
12: Not all stocks are created equally

Some become safer when they decline. Others become riskier.
13: You can't know everything

Define when you know enough to make a decision
14: Zoom out
15: I love stock investing, but never lose sight of what actually matters
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These visuals are great! Also, one of my favorite threads you've dropped. Love the Barbell strategy