DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R) 🧵

MJ has a certain "je ne sais quoi", the imperfections are more beautiful, a bit like an analog synth. It's often more contextually creative, and amazing w textures / vibe

DALL-E deals better with very clearly instructed scenes

Same prompt:
"a mushroom city in a snow globe sphere, stunning detail, hyperreal rendering"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"Mozart playing at the Top of the Pops, 1993"
DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"a 1990s device made of bubble gum, plastic and LEDs, many wires crossing each other" (MJ one used in @hyperloreXYZ :) )

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"beautiful lush polaroid of a cute cthulhu monster on vacation"
DALLE () vs Midjourney (R
"A piazza full of ancient Roman statues resembling Cthulhu monsters"
DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"astonishing 35mm footage of a volcanic eruption on a salt mine planet, dark and beige atmosphere, 4k"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"a complex installation made of plastic bags and mirror shards, painted in neon colors, studio lighting"
DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)

MJ much better at grokking this as an art installation, adding zoom-out context and light
"a 1930s medical device, intricate plastic components, connected through glass fibre cables, textured like a 1960s amplifier, catalogue atmosphere and lighting"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"inside a spaceship hardware equipment machinery room, dark, beige and scary atmosphere, everything overgrown with salt crystals, a giant wormhole to another planet in the middle of it" (used in @SALT_VERSE :) )

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"screenshot from a 90s show with robots as actors"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)

again, MJ infering the VHS distortion context by itself without instruction - so great!
"An oil painting of infinitely large library with recursive architectural features"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
"the ancient city of Rome, rebuilt on Mars"

DALL-E (L) vs Midjourney (R)
no bandcamp but come join my Midjourney-created interactive 1970s sci-fi film internet adventure @SALT_VERSE - here's the trailer:

MANY more fictional otherwordly Midjourney devices I did in here:

I sadly just have 1 Midjourney invite to give away, so..

write the most fantastic prompt you can think of below 🫳

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