It should be much easier to start and scale an online business across Europe. We spoke to 200 startups on @Stripe to better understand the realities they’re facing and the policy challenges holding them back. Here’s what we found 👇 1/6
🌍Startups see Europe as a great place to build strong teams, with a wealth of available talent. Close proximity to multiple markets is also seen as a key advantage. 2/6
⏰But too much ‘friction’ caused by lengthy, complex regulatory procedures is draining their resources. 1 in 3 considered starting their business elsewhere due to the scale of the burden. 79% say time spent on compliance has increased. 3/6
🚫Part of the problem is a disconnect between startups and policymakers. 83% believe policymaking is designed for incumbents, and only 12% think policymakers understand the realities on the ground. 4/6
❓The question now is: how do we ease the burden and turbocharge growth? Lots of great ideas out there already from @Allied4Startups @Coadec @FRdigitale @Atomico @ScaleUpEuropeEN and others. 5/6
Here are some of our own…
⏩Activate ‘one-stop shops’ across the EU
⏩Digitise all gov processes to reduce red tape
⏩Harmonise rules as much as possible
⏩Use data to identify pain points (Stripe to support!)

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