Over the past decade, I have written & ghostwritten over 5,000 articles online.

That's got to be over 4,000,000 words.

But that's how long it took me to learn to stop making these 7 writing & storytelling mistakes:
Mistake #1: Don't make the reader wait for "the good part."

A lot of writers bury the point of their writing inside the 3rd or 4th paragraph.

But I saw the most growth in my writing (and started accumulating millions of views) when I put "the point" in the first sentence.
Mistake #2: Don't assume the reader thinks you're credible.

In order for readers to care about the thing you're asking them to read, they need to know why they should listen to YOU.

• Where is your perspective coming from?
• What's your "proof?"
• How do you know the answer?
Mistake #3: Don't use big, blocky paragraphs.

One of the fundamental writing techniques we teach in Ship 30 for 30 is called 1/3/1.

Open with one strong sentence. Then use a 3-sentence paragraph to describe that main point. Like this paragraph.

Then, 1 conclusion sentence.
Mistake #4: Don't use complicated language (especially in the headline!)

Online, readers don't read.

They skim.

Which means, in order to get their attention, you need to give them easy entry points into your work.

Otherwise, they're gone.
Mistake #5: Don't write like you think.

You might think & write orthogonally, but readers need to read linearly and logically.

If you want to touch on multiple points, or tell multiple stories, break them apart.

Don't bounce between them back and forth.

It's confusing.
Mistake #6: Don't go on tangents.

Anytime you feel the impulse to say, "Oh and by the way," cut it.

Either that thought needs to be its own section, or it's not necessary.

All the little tangents we go on in our brains as writers don't need to make their way onto the page.
Mistake #7: Don't assume you know what the reader will find the most value in.

This is why I have completely embraced being an output-focused writer.

Whatever I think the reader will love, they don't.

And when I think they won't, they do.

You have no idea.

Just write.
That's a wrap!

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