The 8 best storytelling threads on Twitter:
How J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter (and how you can write a billion-dollar story too):


@nathanbaugh27 Pixar's 22 Rules For Storytelling:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush Storytelling made simple using a Story Log:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel Competitive Storytelling, according to a trial lawyer:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel @RobbieCrab 10 timeless storytelling principles:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel @RobbieCrab @SahilBloom Dave Chapelle on how to tell effective stories (and keep listeners engaged):


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel @RobbieCrab @SahilBloom @david_perell Storytelling using the ELU ("Eyes Light Up") framework:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel @RobbieCrab @SahilBloom @david_perell @wes_kao The cognitive storytelling technique Steve Jobs made famous in the startup world:


@nathanbaugh27 @dickiebush @UliKuenzel @RobbieCrab @SahilBloom @david_perell @wes_kao That's a wrap!

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