Mentorship has gotten me 10x further than I would’ve gone alone.

I have:

• Founded companies

• Sold a start-up

• Gotten amazing growth opportunities

Great mentors made this possible.

8 approaches to finding high-value mentors:
1. Find folks a few steps ahead of you.

A mistake people do is finding folks who are way ahead in the game.

Most of these folks don’t have time.

You need mentors who can:

• Take time to understand your context

• Provide advice accordingly

• Put their neck out for you
2. Where to find these folks?

Ideally, these potential mentors are in your social or work circle.

If not then use the good old cold outreach.

3. Provide Value.

Mentorship is not one-sided.

My best mentor relationships are ones where I generate value for my mentor as well.
4. Personal Board of Director

You will need a team of mentors.

There is no such thing as just one mentor.

I personally think people should create a ‘Personal Board of Directors’ the same way companies have one.

Each mentor on your board should serve a specific purpose.
5. Reduce Friction.

A good mentor would be busy.

Do all you can to make their relationship with you low-friction.

Set a regular cadence, and offer to meet/talk when it is convenient for them.

Don’t become an inconvenience.
6. Find a mentor that challenges you

Someone that confirms your beliefs is fine.

But a mentor that changes your perspective, can be life-changing.
7. Find a Mentor that Listens

Anyone can give advice.

But a great mentor will attempt to understand both you and your circumstances.

Great mentors may listen more than they speak.

It seems counterintuitive, but it is key to them giving valuable feedback.
8. Finding a great mentor is two-fold.

On one hand, you have to find someone who you value and respect.

On the other, the mentor has to value and respect you as well.

Be a person someone would want to mentor.
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