Here is my @accelerateart super thread 🤌🏼❤️‍🔥

Curated by @ClaireSilver12 @jakethedegen @funghibull @SpummaLab @CozomoMedici #TheMediciCollection & @krybharat 💯

Thanks for the amazing convo and hospitality @ellabarnesart & @blake_wood 🙏🏼🫶🏼
@joeroblesiv “A Man Stuck in Houston”

@l4artiste “Bowing to the Moon”

@ailleursss “Children of the Sun”

@ellabarnesart “The Guide”

@mbrrranson “Surrender”

@daniela___l “Crisálida”

@dimithryv “Blood Diamonds”

@sophiesaidso “Internal Dialogue”

@AlidoostiFaez “Beautiful Island”

@huemin_art “Seek 111”

@stopstare “Lost my Mind again”

@VeeeeColeman de la creme “Strate Flower House”

@1dontknows “Call me your God”

@72dpiNFT “Deconstructed Murder #15 (Lorcin L3800-Left ear)


@tylergivens “002: THE PRINCE(SS) ESCAPES”

@marloljohnson “being 001”

@arthr “TR909”

@Merzmensch “Not a poet (From: EtherPoems)

@Anjsemark “Hollow”

@bajaninpdx “The Assembly”

@HawkwardArt “A Wake”

@MaiaMellier “Island 1”

@blake_wood “Memorial (Amy Winehouse I)”
@al_oner_one “Sir T II”
@algoriste “Prequel”

@Nickellygarbaje “digi-love device”
@bad_monk “iyhe”
@seaderyastare “reminders to forget”

@CryptArq “Arq Skulls - #0053”

@Antpantone “la mémoire et les fleurs”

@ivonatau “Under the Waves VIII”

@isboredagain “Hwoels”

@rayan_elnayal “Living Sanctuary”

@worst_lux “Never Stop Smiling”

@lorepunkdoteth “brushee”
@jordanbayne “RED FLAGS”

@claudslr “I Can Feel Your Heart”

@kingxerox5 #theMediciCollection “We are here to stay”

@Nate__Talbot “Dream Eater”

@hemilylan “PFP of Y #30: ‘Santa Ana’

@EmsarArt “Artesia”

@introvoid “This Must Be the Place”

@OrfanoSolange “We will be the wild ones”

@Intodaysnight “Changeling”

@ClaireSilver12 “claire”

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This is where I will be this evening, our incredible @accelerateart garden party at Elizabeth Street Gardens celebrating the artists of our inaugural exhibition. The party starts at 6, see you there 🥂🍃 Stellar thread @KDeAngelis16 … #NFTNYC #A2 #PastisPrologue