some loose thoughts on how I see NFTs progressing through this market-- we'll begin to see the weight of value shift from cashing out to contributing in. today, NFT projects have been very one way-- drop an NFT, retailer buys and then waits for more value to be deposited...

this behavior means that the onus of responsibility is entirely on the creator. if they don't provide more value to the NFT holder, the NFT holder bails. also, w this behavior, it's a race to sell at the top. NFT is more a stock than a relationship, floor price = sell price..

the next wave should become two way. the creator drops the NFT and retail buys in as a way to become a contributor to the larger project. that NFT is no longer a stock but a stake in the company. the responsibility of the buyer becomes that of a contributor ...

this could mean managing the treasury, deciding what projects to invest in, building the brand and value of the Host project itself. it also means creating derivative economics whereas when any builds off of the Host, they contribute some revenues back to it...

the ability for NFT stake holders to earn starts to become more robust as well. do we start to see dividend returns to NFT stake holders? do we start to distribute profits of treasury at X threshold to stake holders? it's open season.

but it's a path forward that's meaningful.
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