Good morning, Bitcoin is not an "investment."

It is not a form of finance, a security, and it does not generate yield or revenue.

Bitcoin is a commodity for saving long-term.

There is no poverty in Bitcoin. You must have the ability to save long-term to own it safely.

Bitcoin having a fixed total quantity makes it highly exposed to the volatility of market supply and demand.

This means Bitcoin savers need strategies for how to behave when Bitcoin is in high vs low demand.

High demand = good time to make purchases and pay debts

Low demand = good time to cut back, create debts, increase income

Bitcoiners consider renting more than buying expensive things, and they look for opportunities to dominate their obligations in inflationary assets.

The most important thing is that a Bitcoiner has income that exceeds his expenses, so he can continue to accumulate Bitcoin & necessary resources for emergencies.

Stay humble, stay productive, save Bitcoin, save yourself, save your family, save your friends, save the world.

denominate* not dominate, :)

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