I asked, “What is the single product that’s had the biggest impact on your health and wellness?”

I received 1,718 incredible replies.

Here are the 10 best:
Vitamins & supplements

— vitamin D
— fish oil
— creatine
— probiotics

And a bunch of others got mentioned. Athletic Greens got the most love:
@JamesClear’s products

Both the book and newsletter got a lot of love.



People credited their dogs for:

— daily walks
— work breaks
— smiles
— responsibility

(📸 @HoeftJDaniel)
Health trackers

The four mentioned the most:

— Apple Watch
— Oura Ring
— Whoop
— Levels

I use Whoop and love it.

The important concept here is using data to understand heart rate, daily exercise, and other factors.
Daily movement

A ton of products were mentioned. Here’s the summary:

— bike / Peloton
— kettlebell
— urg
— gym membership
— quality shoes
— Apple fitness
— basketball
— weighted vest
— treadmill desk

The core concept here is moving, a lot, daily.
Hot + cold exposure

Both saunas and cold tubs were mentioned.

It’s supposed to be great for recovery and blood flow. looks promising.
Writing + reading

As @AlexAndBooks_ says:

If you’re overthinking, write.

If you’re underthinking, read.

@moleskine journal got a lot of love.
Mental fitness

People mentioned a bunch of tactics:

— reducing screen time
— blue light glasses
— meditation
— yoga
— daily puzzles

For me a nice long walk with no phone goes a long way, too.
Sleeping well

I struggle with sleep. The most mentioned items:

— blackout curtains
— weighted blankets
Things to avoid:

Maybe the most valuable responses were ones people suggested avoiding.

— alcohol
— screen time
— smoking
— caffeine

I refuse to stop coffee but if you can avoid the bad stuff, that often puts you far ahead.
Hope you enjoyed that!

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— vitamins / supplements
— sleep quality
— health tracking
— hot / cold exposure
— pets
— writing / reading
— minimizing screen time
— mental fitness
— eating well
— daily movement
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What is life without coffee!? The rest I can do without. Great thread dude