Bitcoin is an exponentially growing monetary network that should be expected to reach 1 billion active users in the next decade.

All disruptive technologies go through an "S-curve" of adoption, reaching their main growth phase after roughly crossing the 10% threshold.
This is a visual of some major technological adoption curves including the internet, social media, the smartphone, the automobile, etc.
Now let's take a look at Bitcoin's user data.

This is a visual of the cumulative sum of all unique entities (clustered addresses) that have ever existed on the Bitcoin network.
However, we must also take into account the entities that are leaving as well.

The chart below is a visual of all the active unique entities on-chain.
According to this data, approximately 0.36% of the global population are users of the Bitcoin monetary network today.
Projecting this growth out into the future using a mean and weighted mean of other historical adoption curves, this is what we expect Bitcoin's user growth to look like.
This is the ultimate bullish case for Bitcoin in one simple visual.

Exponentially growing user growth juxtaposed with Bitcoin's pre-programmed increasingly deflationary monetary policy.
Special thanks to Ark Invest, Arcane Assets, AMDAX Asset Management, and other individuals listed in the report that helped peer review this.

The full report can be found below:

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