A few thoughts (or things which I wish to remind myself of) from my attendance of the Oslo Freedom Forum (@OsloFF) and some additional events surrounding it.

1. Bitcoiners are awesome. Many of us have converged on the same set of paramount values, by virtue of their explicit representation (potentially in their highest form) in bitcoin..
The endless pursuit of understanding bitcoin has seemingly produced an ever-greater clarity around these values, and elicited powerful positive transformations of character as a result.
2. Don’t dismiss people too quickly. Ideological differences may exist, but most people are fundamentally good. Recognizing this seems to be crucial in ascribing to them the requisite value to be humble enough to derive knowledge and wisdom from interactions with them.
3. Genuine curiosity, or the humble openness to truth, is one of the most endearing qualities, as well as one that leads to the most rapid development of deep and meaningful relationships.
4. Bitcoin is a profound truth, which grants liberation, which most fosters loving relationships. Ego (inclusive of fear, insecurity, and it’s many other manifestations) will most inhibit the recognition and experience of this.
5. Strive to be the truest version of yourself at all times. Among other benefits, doing so will help you accept the validity of your participation in any experience, good or bad.
6. ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whos time has come’. That time ‘comes’ due to a threshold of people humbly submitting themselves to that idea. In regards to bitcoin, this is happening in far more diverse & rapid ways than even I had previously been aware of. Bullish.
7. @JeffBooth is an even cooler human than you think he is.
8. @dergigi is more spirit than matter.
9. Consider not peaking on the first night of a week-long event, but also don’t rule it out. A good piss-up is a high-risk / high-reward sort of thing😂
10. We may not be around to witness the full fruits of our labour, which is why the labour itself must be the primary reward. Put another way, subordinate yourself to work aligned w/ the highest values/principles you can conceive of, & then revel in the peace & joy of the process
11. Truth exists, and there is nothing more consequential than perceiving it, both inwardly and outwardly. Language, symbolism, ideas, technology, experience, all may serve as tools to remove the impediments to doing so - to see it more clearly, or even ‘unify’ with it..
I feel most drawn to this endeavour, and that sharing the process with others is a critical component of it (with the possible extra bonus of being valuable to them also).
12. If none of this resonates with you, then just follow the eternal advice of one of the realest people I know, and things will probably work out alright:

‘Stay humble, stack sats’ - @ODELL
13. Too many people to thank individually, but a special shout-out must go to @gladstein for putting this all together, and managing it all with the utmost professionalism and care. To all the others (you know who you are), mad love, respect and gratitude🧡👊🙏

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