Some mantras for political thinking:

Truth is hard.

Humility is hard.

Independent thinking is hard.

Resisting tribalism is hard.

Over and over, you will forget that these things are hard, and that's probably when you'll fail at them.

Bullies come in many forms. Stand up to bullies. And don't be a bully.

Political parties are big lame corporations. They're not worthy of your identity.

Angels and demons are a delusion. Everyone is flawed and everyone is complicated.

Courage is criticizing your in-group.

When you feel disgust for people based on their politics, it's a sign you're not in your right mind.

When you let politics damage your relationships, it's a sign you're not in your right mind.

You're probably in more of an information bubble than you realize.

Most disagreements about "what should be" are actually disagreements about "what is."

Be suspicious of certainty. There is a strong correlation between those who feel 100% conviction about their political beliefs and those who could not pass a high school civics test.

When you and your friends fervently agree about every issue, it's a sign that tribal pheromones are in the air and everyone's gone a bit mad.

What people say they stand for tells you nothing. Their behavior tells you everything. The same goes for your own behavior.


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