1/ Folks! Mazinaw has now minted out. I silently capped the mint size at 256 yesterday, and some intrepid collectors noticed and scooped up the remaining mints.

Maz #244
2/ It’s bittersweet to look at the last few mints. Watching the series unfold gradually over the last few weeks has been a true joy. Thanks to all collectors! Lots of exciting things on the horizon.

Maz #253
3/ Maz 250 | Maz 255 (night)
4/ With respect to this code and the set of tools that I created for it, which evolved progressively from Spectral Beings -> Phantoms -> Impossible Cathedrals -> Symphony -> Stitched, I'm not sure what's in store. Maybe one more release, maybe not. So many ideas, so little time!
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