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A very important essay by Jonathan Haidt about the damage social media is doing to us: "Thanks to enhanced-virality social media, dissent is punished within many of our institutions, which means that bad ideas get elevated into official policy."

This piece by Jonathan Haidt is thoughtful, beautifully written, and important. Very worth the long read.

Superb long article by Jonathan Haidt. Please please set aside enough time to read it and reflect upon it.

15/ Here is full MUST-READ piece by my friend @JonHaidt on democracy after our disintegration... how it gets worse before it gets better and whether you want to continue to be part of the PROBLEM––or part of the SOLUTION...

Taken from this excellent article by @JonHaidt

I don't agree with everything in this article, but it's a must-read anyway.

Well worth reading from Jonathan Haidt

I am late to this excellent essay by @JonHaidt. His diagnosis isn't so novel (social media turned us into Babel after the destruction of the tower, all very @lessin) but Haidt ends with some constructive proposals for reform:

Fantastically thoughtful article by @JonHaidt on social media and what @charlesmurray might call "Coming Apart"...

Brilliant long read on 'social media' and the damage to democracy. ----- Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid - The Atlantic