I've negotiated employee compensation countless times.

Most people make simple mistakes that cost them $1,000s.

Here's how to negotiate a raise and get paid what you're worth:
1/ The numbers are not in your favor.

- The average raise in 2022 will be 3%.

- Inflation made things cost 8% more.

So you worked harder but ended up poorer.

Just listen to @APompliano:

@APompliano 2/ I know asking isn't easy.

- Some of you are humble & don't want to rock the boat.

- Others of you are prideful & want to be recognized on merit alone.

But in most cases, neither of these approaches will maximize your pay.
@APompliano 3/ Why is it important to maximize your pay now?

One word: Compounding.

- Every extra dollar you negotiate this year is a dollar you'll make each year in the future.

- Plus very few companies will reduce compensation for individuals because of the hit to morale.
@APompliano 4/ Let's make this real with some data:

If you make $50K today, here's how small %'s add up:

- 3% vs 4% -> $33K more over 10 years
- 3% vs 5% -> $70K more over 10 years

That's 70K (more than a year's salary) because you got a 2% higher raise each year

Check out 10% 👀
@APompliano 5/ So what's the best way to negotiate?

From a position of strength.

How do you gain that against a large corporation?

- Stand out with excellent work

- Prepare like your life depends on it

You'll care less if you have more options.


@APompliano 6/ Plant seeds

Your boss needs to hear from you well before any conversation about your raise.

But be clever, not annoying.

- Ask how the process works? Signal it's on your mind.

- Forward them an article about your industry's pay.

- Take on work the next level up.
@APompliano 7/ Every company's comp process is different.

Know it in detail to navigate it well.

- Timing: Talk to your boss before she submits any numbers

- Structure: Bonuses & equity usually have more flex than salary

- Performance: Adjust your pressure based on company health
@APompliano 8/ Be biased

Cognitive biases: Usually your enemy. Now your ally.

- Availability bias: Data in your favor? Make sure they have it.

- Pygmalion Effect: They gave you high expectations. Do they same.

- Recency Bias: Make sure recent work shines


@APompliano 9/ Find Data

Market data - Use @glassdoor, @payscale, @Levelsfyi to know your industry

Peer data - Some people tend to talk. Hopefully, you tend to listen.

Company data - Many companies have pay bands. Others publish compensation data for DEI benchmarking. Ask for them both.
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi 10/ Be respectful

I promise, your boss doesn't like this conversation.

They're in a tough spot, empathize with them:

- They likely got handed a limited budget.

- But it's really in their day-to-day interest to keep you happy.

If you're prepared, no need to surprise them.
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi 11/ Use logic not emotion

Compare your job at your last pay raise to now:

- New title
- Better results
- Special projects
- Growth in responsibilities
- Other meaningful contributions

Now layer in what you learned about the market.

And give a top band number if asked.
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi 12/ Go back if needed

It stinks. But those who ask for a little more tend to get it.

- It's cheaper to keep you happy than lose you.

- It's cheaper to finish the process than drag it out.

This might surprise you:

Some managers hold back just a little for this exact reason.
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi 13/ Don't take another offer

Risky move: I have another offer that pays more.

Most bosses will wish you well & hold the door as you leave.

Better move: I have another offer I'm NOT taking. But it has raised questions. Can we talk about my future here?

h/t: @BarbaraCorcoran
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi @BarbaraCorcoran 14/ If you're a manager:

- Pay people well.
- Rewards your stars.
- Be honest in discussions.
- Have a fair & equitable process.

Need more help fine-tuning your management system?

Join the next session of my New Manager Accelerator.
@APompliano @Glassdoor @payscale @Levelsfyi @BarbaraCorcoran 15/ Want to go deeper?

There are surprisingly few helpful resources.

Here are 3 that are:

Get in the mindset (@ryanstephens)

Know your worth (@laurahelmuth)

Build leverage (@heykahn)

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