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1/ 7 no BS tactics to become a world-class negotiator by @barrettjoneill

Why: Better negotiation is the key to getting what you want.

@barrettjoneill 2/ 9 ways to be an authentic leader by @IAmCoachClint

Why: Authentic leaders matter in a world where it's rare.

@barrettjoneill @IAmCoachClint 3/ 9 way to increase your cash flow by @KurtisHanni

Why: Cash flow management is key to startup success.

@barrettjoneill @IAmCoachClint @KurtisHanni 4/ 15 marketing tactics every startup should know by @bbourque

Why: Every business needs a marketing edge.

@barrettjoneill @IAmCoachClint @KurtisHanni @bbourque 5/ Using Stay Interviews to retain top talent by @EvergreenMEP

Why: The Great Resignation is causing startups to lose great talent. Go on the offensive to retain them with this simple approach.

@barrettjoneill @IAmCoachClint @KurtisHanni @bbourque That's a wrap!

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