The 8 Unusual Traits Of All Productive People:
I used to think “productivity traits” changed person to person

That you would have different traits that made you productive than me

But no, it turns out, all productive people have these same 8, unusual traits;
1. They Prioritise Priorities

Productive people know what matters

Productive people know what moves the needle

And they make them their priorities.

Productive people never say “I don’t have time” because they know everyone has time for what they prioritise.
2. They Don’t Let Their Emotions Control Their Work

Productive people work like professionals, even if they’re not.

Productive people don’t work like amateurs.
A professional does the work, day in, day out, whether they feel like it or not.

An amateur lets their emotions dictate their work.

But you’ll never get any work done if you let your emotions control your work.
3. They’re Stoic

Productive people realise they can only control 3 things;

1. their thoughts
2. their words
3. their actions

Everything else is outside of their control, and yours.

When you begin to focus on what you can control, you waste less time on what you can’t.
4. They Have Laser Focus

Productive people aren’t checking their phones every 2 minutes

In fact, they don’t even have their phone in sight when working.
Productive people guard their energy and focus with everything they have because they understand that it’s the highest ROI skill of the 21st century.

Focus is a skill, start building it.
5. They’re Life-Long Students

Productive people realise they don’t know everything

They realise there’s always a better way, a better technique, a better method.
They realise there’s always something they can learn about everything.

As such they’re always learning, through books, courses, YouTube videos, mentors, and most importantly, through experience.
6. They’re Adaptable

Productive people understand that life happens

Shit happens.

Life gets in the way and often you can’t do exactly what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it.
They’re able and willing to adapt on a seconds notice.

After all, those who adapt, survive.
7. They’re Self-Aware

Productive people are aware of their mind and body

They’re able to tell when something is wrong or when something is great

They’re able to tell when to push and when to pull back.
They’re able to tell when they should do their creative work and when they should do their logistical work.

Productive people are consciously living life.
8. They’re Selfish

Productive people put themselves first.

Productive people realise that to be selfless you need to be selfish,

Productive people put themselves, their purpose, their goals, and their tasks ahead of everything else.
They tell people “No” more than most could comfortably think of.

Productive people know, that after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.
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