Writing is a meta-skill. It takes more than one skill to master.

Here are ten of the best threads to help you progress from a basic writer to a true wordsmith.
First, an important note from @dickiebush about the one thing you have to keep in mind whenever you sit down to write.

@dickiebush Picking up writing from scratch can be intimidating, but it's one of the best things you'll ever do. And, it can be quite profitable too.

Here's some stellar beginner advice from one of the best writers in the Twitterverse, @Nicolascole77.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 If you're going to write, don't write for the sake of it; write beautifully.

To write beautifully you'll need to figure some stuff out but lucky for you, @Julian's already done that for you.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian Great writing isn't all about what you put on paper.

What you take off is equally as important for the quality of your writing.

These 7 tips on editing from @wes_kao will help you eliminate the junk in your writing and elevate your skill.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao Producing a great piece of writing can seem like a tall order, but it's all much simpler once you take it one great sentence at a time.

Here are 23 sentences from @WrongsToWrite that improve your writing instantly.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite Knowing who you're writing for is important if you want to write well.

Even the best work can fall flat in the wrong setting.

Mastering these principles from @SahilBloom will make sure you always get your point across whenever you write for business.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom If business writing is a first for you, starting with basics might be more helpful for you.

This introductory thread from @david_perell will teach you everything you need to know without all the pretentious BS or jargon.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom @david_perell No matter what you're writing for, your writing won't survive these two pitfalls.

What are they?

1. Being boring
2. Being needlessly complicated.

Here are 7 things from @ShaanVP you can add to your writing to avoid falling into the trap.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom @david_perell @ShaanVP Good writing connects, inspires, it moves, it bridges gaps, and it creates understanding.

But, all of that takes skill though.

Here are 5 ways you can better your writing from @inkandcopy.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom @david_perell @ShaanVP @inkandcopy The ability to express an idea on paper is powerful.

The best writers can write and not have their thoughts lost in the words.

The key to doing this is in expressing the depth of your thought in as few words as possible.

@mkhundmiri shows you how.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom @david_perell @ShaanVP @inkandcopy @mkhundmiri Great writing survives the test of time, and very few people can ever claim to be as great a writer as Leo Tolstoy.

What made his writing so great?

Here are 5 hacks you can steal from him to take your writing up a notch.

@dickiebush @Nicolascole77 @Julian @wes_kao @WrongsToWrite @SahilBloom @david_perell @ShaanVP @inkandcopy @mkhundmiri That's a wrap!

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