Over the last three months, I've thought a lot about how decisions get made in organizations.

What we think of as "decision making processes" often seem to be more "social coordination processes" than concrete steps to arrive at a well-founded decision.
I think a lot of that has to do with the perception of speed.

Sitting down and really thinking through goals, options, and constraints feels slow.

But sitting together and talking about stuff feels fast.

The outcome doesn't matter for how the process feels.
I've also noticed that if you want to think about #AlgorithmsOfThought, you'll need to keep in mind:

Running an algorithm of thought as an individual is fairly easy.

Finding ways to do that as a group (remote or in person) is a much bigger challenge.
The really interesting thing is in observing how the minds of some people work much better together.

I've been in meetings where everyone was "running the same algorithm", just distributed across multiple brains. Magic.

Others were like doing integral calc with roman numerals.
I wonder how you make the former happen more regularly _with a wider variety of people_.

Is that possible? What are the social technologies to make that happen?

"Just hire the right people!" – If I was sitting in meetings just with people I hired myself, life would be easy ;D
For now, that's a wrap!

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