Landing pages are the red carpet experience your customers deserve ❤️

But so many founders & makers under-invest in them

Here is my simple 'must-have' recipe to create compelling landing pages:

1) Hook

2) Why should people care?

3) How does it work?

4) Social Proof
1) Hook = a punchy one-liner

The goal here is to captivate people's imagination. Speak directly to your user & use "verbs"

Ex: "discover your next favorite product (@ProductHunt)"
Ex:" Join 50,000+ entrepreneurs discovering new markets & ideas." (@trends_vc) cc: @DruRly
2) Why should people care?

This can be a paragraph long or a long-form essay here (Ex: 'Hey' from @basecamp)

To me, this is the most important piece. Involves copywriting that is decisive and bold. To write clearly, spend time thinking clearly why your user should care.
3) How does it work?

If you didn't have a compelling reason for #2, your user won't get to #3. But assuming you did, this section is abt how your product/offering works.

If it's a newsletter, show sample content.
If it's a new product yet to be made, tease the steps.
4) Social Proof

There's nothing more powerful than having other people review your work & surface authentic commentary publicly. This gives your page amazing credibility. Examples: @shoutoutso_ and Hey (screenshots below)
This is my recipe but I know there are other additions that might make this more comprehensive. Would love to hear from you below ⬇️
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Great thread. Especially worth reading for instructors who are putting together their course landing pages.