Sahil Bloom built a staggering 531,500 followers in under 2 years.

This week he spoke with Nathan Barry, owner of Convertkit, to share his thoughts on writing and audience growth.

Here’s a breakdown of his best ideas distilled into 11 tweets:
Sahil is an investor, creator and entrepreneur.

In the episode, he chats through:
-His writing process
-Maximising leverage
-How to scale a newsletter

& more.

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@SahilBloom @nathanbarry On thread writing:

Sahil explains he has two buckets for threads:

1. Evergreen
2. Timely

Both have advantages.

Evergreen can be repurposed (more on that later). Timely threads leverage hype. There’s already a heightened awareness.

His advice on timely threads:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Take a different angle.

What lens can you apply that most aren’t?

Sahil enjoys doing psychological breakdowns of financial news. And because it's different, it’s a pattern interrupt.

This is how you rise above the noise.

The key with threads is timing…
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry He explains that an easy way to kill an evergreen thread is post it when people are talking about topical news.

This plays into the copywriting principle:

Join the conversation in your reader’s mind.

Nathan asked if the day you post matters. Sahil believes it does...
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Threads on weekends.


Because people don’t have time to read long form content in the week. Most threads end up bookmarked, but the algorithm wants immediate engagement.

Another tactic to maximise growth:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Repost your content.

This is about leverage. You can (and should) repost your best content every 3-6 months, but make sure you modify and improve it.

Sahil has no problem with people who ‘game the system’…

But he believes there’s a better way to grow:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Your story.

The best writing comes from earned insights.

You can educate or entertain but the best creators do both. This is the power of building in public. Your story leaves breadcrumbs for your audience to follow.

The best writing comes from experience.
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry On creating a flywheel:

Your writing is data.

A thread with 20 ideas should be evaluated. How did each idea perform?

The best become stand-alone tweets. Threads. Emails.

This is a power law effect that compounds over time. Let your audience guide you.
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Sahil’s newsletter:

He started by sharing his threads in email format.

(if you don’t have much time, this is a powerful tactic).

Now he deep dives into topics.

In the episode he explains he has 70,000+ subs.

Two tips on growth:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry 1. Pre hype
The day before you publish, share what’s inside.

2. Teaser threads
He uses threads as top of funnel. As a CTA, he explains this week’s Newsletter is a deep dive on the topic. Curiosity drives subscribers.

On monetization:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Should you charge for your newsletter?

Sahil believes no.

A paywall impacts growth. When you zoom out, this can have a big impact.

Instead, monetize through ads (he charges $3-4000 dollars for a single slot) or releasing your own products.

A final note:
@SahilBloom @nathanbarry Sahil used to work 100 hour works.

Now he’s a firm believer in the ‘time billionaire’ concept.

His advice:

Stay within your zone of genius. Be present and don’t neglect other areas of life.

Enjoy the process and gradually, build a franchise around your name.
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