20 Writers Who Created Their Own Category:

(and the books that put them on the map)
1/ Ryan Holiday: Stoicism

Book: The Obstacle Is The Way
2/ Tucker Max: Fratire

Book: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
3/ Eckhart Tolle: Practical Spirituality

Book: The Power of Now
4/ Malcolm Gladwell: Pop Sociology

Book: The Tipping Point
5/ J.K. Rowling: Wizardry For Kids

Book: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
6/ Stephanie Meyer: Vampire Romance

Book: Twilight
7/ John Grisham: Legal Thriller

Book: The Firm
8/ Anais Nin: Erotic Imagination

Book: Delta of Venus
9/ Cal Newport: Unconventional Work Advice/Deep Work

Book: So Good They Can't Ignore You
10/ Benjamin Hardy: Pop Psychology

Book: Willpower Doesn't Work
11/ James Patterson: Detective Thriller

Book: Along Came A Spider
12/ Franz Kafka: Magical Realism

Book: The Metamorphosis
13/ E.L. James: Bondage Romance

Book: 50 Shades of Grey
14/ Simon Sinek: Work Inspiration

Book: Start With Why
15/ Jim Collins: Data-Backed Business Success

Book: Good to Great
16/ Ben Mezrich: True Business Thriller

Book: Bringing Down the House
17/ Michael Lewis: Financial Journalism Thriller

Book: Liar's Poker
18/ James Baldwin: Identity In America

Book: Giovanni's Room
19/ Nir Eyal: Technology Psychology

Book: Hooked
20/ Ray Dalio: Macro Business Principles

Book: Principles

21/ Nicolas Cole: Digital Writing

Book: The Art & Business of Online Writing
The most legendary writers don't just write one great book, or even a dozen great books.

The most legendary writers become known for a niche they own.
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