A lot of people asked me why I posted about ignoring the Ukrainian/Russian war.

I don't know war, but I do know media, and everything about how the war is being covered is sending up major red flags to me.

Two quick examples:
1. Hero stories popup immediately, that end up not being true.

The 13 guards telling the Russian naval ship to fuck off (turns out they surrendered), the "Ghost of Kyiv" (doesn't seem to be true), the sunflower seed story, etc...

MOST telling, media runs them uncritically.
2. The biggest weird thing to me: no one stopped buying oil/gas from Russia.

Germany said they will keep buying.

US State Dept went so far as to say, EXPLICITLY, that sanctions are designed to NOT stop the flow of gas.

What? Those exports are 30% of the Russian economy.
I have no doubt that real Ukrainians civilians are dying and suffering on the ground, and that sucks.

But do these actions seem like the actions of warring states?


In the American media, it seems like a spectacle put on to either distract or "manufacture consent."
I'm not going to fall for it.

The primary power media--and it's masters--have over us is our attention.

I choose to not give it to them (yes trolls, aside from writing this, lol).

Today I'm feeding my cows, going to BJJ and being with my family.
For the same conclusion from an actual military combat vet, see this thread:

And for those who want proof the Snake Island soldiers surrendered, the UK ministry of defense seems to even admit it:

When former CIA dudes tell you things are weird, man...shit is WEIRD:

*logs onto Twitter*

*Sees thousands of @ and total chaos in the mentions*

*logs out of Twitter*

Here's a pretty incredible thread with all kinds of pretty clear propaganda:

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No matter your views, no propaganda is as potent and difficult to resist as war propaganda. The more complete the societal consensus, the less room for questioning, the harder it becomes. It becomes a closed system. It targets our deepest emotions and instincts. Good thread: 👇