@daicing @gaodawei An interesting question I do not have an answer to:

The Thirty Glorious Years 1945-1975 in the Global North that were the Age of Social Democracy were the best years that North Atlantic economy and society had ever seen. They hit a speedbump from 1973-1979, yes. But that... 1/
@daicing @gaodawei ...speedbump was of very small magnitude compared to all of those we have experienced since. Yet somehow that speedbump was enough to cause Social Democracy to fail its political-stability test, and lead to its replacement by Neoliberalism.

Neoliberalism has, in the Global... 2/
@daicing @gaodawei ...North, durably delivered on none of its promises save to greatly enrich the rich. And it has hit many speedbumps, and more than speedbumps. Yet it, with its many failures, has proved remarkably durable in a way that its predecessor, Social Democracy, did not.

I find... 3/
@daicing @gaodawei ...this very mysterious.

You can say that the game is finally played out, and that right-neoliberalism in its advanced decomposition is searching for an alliance with neofascism because the game is played out. And it is true history rhymes: those attached to the pseudo-... 4/
@daicing @gaodawei ...classical semi-liberal system of the Belle ร‰poque similarly reached for an alliance with real fascism in the chaos of 1914-1933. But I do not find this an adequate explanation of what has been going on since 1975. 5/END
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