The simple truth about remote work for most people:
1. Remote work gives people more freedom––by a huge margin.

1 cafe -> 1,000 cafés, coworking spaces, parks
1 city -> Anywhere in the world
9-to-5 -> When you work best

It's one of the most important revolutions in work, ever.

2. Remote work can get very stressful. Just like anything else, it's not easy.

Remote workers most often struggle with:

- Overwork
- Anxiety
- Loneliness
3. One of the reasons remote work is stressful is that most "remote" jobs aren't really remote.

People, and companies, are treating remote work like the office, but online.

That means lots of Zoom calls, time tracking, and synchronous work. Many teams *still* do this.
4. As a result, people end up working for too many hours.

Lots of remote workers end up working for longer than they did in the office.

Common causes:

1- Bad systems (treating remote like an office)
2- Poor scheduling and communication
3- Outdated productivity frameworks
5. When companies––and people––use the right systems, remote work is (almost) literally a superpower.


- @bolt: 4-day work week, crystal-clear view on productivity

- @AlmanacDocs: philosophy based on async communication

- @gitlab: flexible work hours + great documentation
On this topic...

Today, there's some exciting news:

We released a wellness playbook for remote workers.

You'll learn how be more productive, avoid overwork, communicate better, and a lot more.

You can download it right now, here:
*update here: it looks like the form for this playbook isn't working. would love to get y'all the playbook as soon as possible––I'll update here when we've got a fix, but it'll likely be tomorrow :)

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