My first impressions of web3

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Fantastic post, I will admit I wasn’t aware that most (all??) NFT wallets just query Opensea. That part was genuinely shocking to me

If you are at all curious about web3, you have to read this carefully

A good piece on web3:

Excellent blog post from @moxie on web3, challenges / potential pitfalls

This is really interesting - Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> My first impressions of web3 [link] via @moxie

Really great article. h/t @jack @RaoulGMI - As people come to understand this, it is why I believe that the network effects seen in the alts are unsustainable.

The best article I have read on Web3 in a while. The concept of distributing trust *without* distributing architecture is a fundamentally important one for the future of Web3. And one that Moxie gets so well wrt Signal

Must read if you’re into web3 and nft’s and all that.

Very good information in this thread. Many Bitcoiners (including myself) criticized Moxie for doing a premined altcoin. To his credit, he's interested in supporting BTC on signal. I'm putting up a 0.5 BTC bounty to satisfy @moxie's conditions to integrate sats with signal.

This is a refreshingly insightful article on web3

This article is long but really worth reading

A great article about the flaw of NFT and web3

This is a good read. I had two reactions: 1) yes the NFT craze is a gold rush & full of hinkey stuff happening. There is real gold in the concept (ENS is the person experiencing poster for this), but omg so much gold rush froth. 2) Progressive decentralization is a thing

This may be one of the best critiques of the architecture underpinning digital assets I've read so far. There is no rebuttal except to incentivize the decentralization of the hardware stack so that centralized middleware becomes moot. It's an ongoing journey, not a destination.