How to Get Lucky (without being rich):
Luck Razor:

If given 2 options, pick the one that has more luck potential.

E.g. Cocktail party vs watching Netflix.

Which one has the highest potential for future luck?

Run equal A/B decisions through this razor.
Get Good At Marketing:

The ultimate meta-skill.

It crosses over to every area of life.

If you can create a persuasive ad or landing page, you can create a persuasive CV or job interview.

Lifehack: Most people are awful at marketing.
Reverse Prison Advice:

The cliche advice to a new prisoner is to punch the biggest person in the prison.

Flip this on its head.

Find the best people you know and help. (Share their projects, give feedback, make intro’s etc)
Smart Friends Razor:

If unsure about a small bet but your smart friends are sure - take the bet

If you wait for the rest of society to confirm it, you'll be too late

@tomosman + @jackbutcher told me about Bored Ape Yacht Club very early on and I ignored it
Pursue High Leverage Relaxation:

Rank all relaxation activities on this:

1. How much it relaxes you
2. How quick it takes to do

Find the highest leverage one across both scores. Do it regularly.

It's hard to notice lucky opportunities when cortisol is through the roof.
Avoid Boring People:

1. Avoid people that bore you.

2. Avoid being the boring person in the room.

Be interesting. And seek interesting friends.

People will remember you when they have an interesting opportunity.

H/T @wolfejosh
DM's Are The Hack Of The Century:

• Most DM's: 0 value. Asking for help. Looks like a scam or time sink.

• Lucky DM's: Provide value. Give help. Look legit.

(Met some great friends via DM'ing them: @chriswillx, @harrydry, @tomosman, @dickiebush, @julian)
Avoid Toxic People:

It's hard to notice lucky opportunities when you're arguing — or replaying arguments in your head.

Toxic people are to luck what water is to fire.
Poker Mindset > Roulette Mindset:

Ridiculous but true statement...

Playing a game of roulette thinking it's poker is better than playing a game of poker thinking it’s roulette.

Assume everything is a game of skill and there's always something you can control.
Obsess Over Environment

Move to the city with the highest chance of luck for you.

If you can't physically move, do it digitally.

Find like-minded people on Discord and Twitter. Provide value.
Introduce People

If friend A and friend B can get value from each other - intro them.

It's a 30-second email for you and may change their lives forever.

"Networks are the only things that don't divide when you share them. They multiply." - @ChrisWillx
Delete The Scoreboard

Don’t wait for others to do nice things for you before you do nice things for them

Just relentlessly give to good people with no scoreboard in your head keeping track

You’ll end up lucky, fulfilled and your funeral will be packed

H/T @ShaanVP
Get More Curious With Age

Curiosity is like your joints - it weakens with age

You’ll dismiss great opportunities as a fad

Assume your first thoughts about new trends are wrong

Age like Gary Vee or Mark Cuban

Put 20 hours into new trend before you have an opinion
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This title was a play on this iconic essay by @naval