I've been doing SEO for over 15 years and optimized 100's of websites.

Here are the best techniques you can use to rank higher in Google 👇
Answering the searchers' intent is key

Anyone who's doing a Google search wants 1 of 4 things.

1. Information
2. Navigation
3. Transaction
4. Comparison

Let's dive in all 4
1. Informational intent

These are queries like "turkey recipe", local weather and how-to's.

People are looking for help on how to get things done. They'll do it themselves. You just need to give them the right tools.
2. Navigational intent

People using these keywords are looking for something specific. A brand like "Hypefury" for example.

It's not hard to rank for competitors but you won't get a lot of traffic out of it. Focus on the comparison intent (which we'll talk about in a sec)
3. Transactional intent

This is used when people want to buy. The search results are littered with ads and it's pay-to-play.

It's really hard to rank high on these types of keywords AND get any meaningful organic traffic. This is where Google makes its money.
4. Comparison and investigation

Before you buy you need to convince yourself you're buying the right thing so you Google: "Best restaurant in nyc"

These are also highly competitive terms but
Now that you know what types of user intent there is we can focus our on-page optimization to match and exceed expectations.

Here's a table of keywords (from Ahrefs) and their search intent.
For informational content you need to be exhaustive in your answering. The below tweets will help you to create the best page for the users' intent.
This is how you exceed a searchers' expectations:

1. Google the term
2. Check the top 10 results
3. Take the best from the top 10 and add it to your page
4. Add things to your page the competitors haven't thought about yet
Check Answerthepublic [dot] com and see what common questions and terms are used surrounding your topic. A gold mine for what to talk about on your SEO pages.
Connect your website to Google Search Console (Google it)

You'll get insights on what keywords you rank, what position you have, etc.

It helps you check specific keywords and where you rank comparing to competitors.
Create "money pages".

These are pages that answer people's informational intent but where you know they can buy your product / service.

For Hypefury it's: How to get xxxx followers on Twitter for example.
Answer it as best as you can & create supporting pages that link to that page.

Pages like:

- Best accounts to follow on Twitter
- How to create a great Twitter bio
- What's a good Twitter header

Every internal vote (=link) tells Google how important you consider a page is.
Don't expect results in the first 6 months. Keep grinding.

In 2020 we got 86k organic visits
In 2021 we got 414k organic visits

The goal for 2022? 1MIL+
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