Your grandma never let you eat ice cream before dinner.

Here's "Granny's Rule" and why it will change how you work👇
I don't know about you but sometimes I just want ice cream before dinner.

But Grandma never allowed it.

Granny's Rule = eat your vegetables before you get your dessert
In work and life, vegetables are hard tasks.

Dessert are easy ones.

Only do hard things?

You end up miserable.

Only do easy things?

You never grow.
How you can apply Grandma's Rule:

Always start with your hardest tasks.

That workout you never seem to fit in?

Start your day with it.

That project you can't seem to start?

Do it first thing in the morning.

Then let the easier work be your reward.

Why this works👇
BF Skinner is a psychologist known for unlocking the power of conditioning to influence behavior.

In one experiment, a hungry rat is placed in a Box.

The rat explores the Box only to find and press a lever.

Food appears!

Then the rat hits the lever again.

Food appears!
Eventually, the rat begins to salivate and anticipate the food even before pressing the lever.

With Granny's rule, we can train ourselves look forward to an easy task when we do a hard task first.
Now, the rat had no choice to enter the Box.

And sometimes, I feel like we don't either.

We live in a world that programs us to crave likes and retweets.

Or food so sugary that it overpowers your brain.
So why can't we build a better environment to reward behavior we actually want?

Why not hijack our own brains for a change?

Granny's Rule is a good first step.
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I found Granny's rule reading "The Psychology of Human Misjudgment" by Charlie Munger

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No reason to delay what will have to be done anyway.

Great thread Chris!

What a unique analogy. It's so easy to say "wake up early and do your most important task." This thread breaks it down to another level that everyone can relate to. Loved it.