#Bitcoin creates its own reality

Time is money
Money is time
But how are we printing money if we can't print time?
Somewhere down the line they decoupled the dime
So it continued to climb
Now we no longer aligned
Bureacrat bankers can't hold a rhythm
Blew their load they f*cked the system
Time to build an actual pendulum
Keep beats in sats not Benjamins
Say no to banks
Say yes to clocks
Say no to printers
Say yes to blocks
Time's up for fiat it's f*ck off o'clock
Tick tock next block timechain don't stop
Can't exploit time now they are mad
They can't cheat time and it makes them sad
Time is scarcity their dollar's a fad
Time is verity their PR's an ad
Time is a concept
Varies in space
So need a new clock to strum its own bass
Time is a process
Moving the imminent
Into the real past via the present
Time is record
Of our transactions
Open consensus
Audit our actions
Let's trade openly
Because I don't trust you
You don't trust me
My time for a token
My token for your time
Don't need J. Powell to mint a new dime
Better than a dollar
Sat's one of a kind
Energy-backed money takes a helluva time
New sats need work from guessing to mine
New blocks released on a cadence designed
To keep the miners in sync
To a sure rhythm that links
All the transaction that's inked
And all are very distinct
On the timechain
Here's the meaning of a fair game
Each guess is a chance to make the same claim
Can't know in advance
Which block will be passed
Put in the work and you'll be added to the main chain
There's no profit to cheat
Only a clown takes losses trying to outcompete
Time will compound against futile lies and deceit
History's written by the victors and we brought the receipt
To all the dreamers
Build everything on top
New art
New assets
Everything on top
New commerce
New cities
Everything on top
Eat all their pies because we know the timechain don't stop

700ks in they can't catch up
To the biggest, the heaviest, the strongest bedrock
Try to nuke our chain
Tick tock next block timechain don't stop
Fix the money
Fix the world
Time is Freedom and we own ours
No friction
Fake growth no real gains
When money is time
High quality reigns
High quality food
That sh*t takes time
High quality build
That sh*t takes time
High quality world
That sh*t takes time
Hard money real costs changes paradigms
One source of truth
An independent response
One set of rules
A new reality dawns
Welcome the newfound renaissance
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