We’re living through a revolution in the way we work.

It’s built on 2 simple ideas:

1. You should be able to hire the best talent.

2. The best talent is global.

We launched Panther 9 months ago to solve this. Lots has changed between then and today.

What’s happening now:
First, the way most businesses hire today is wildly outdated…

And some people are finally starting to realize it.

Just imagine you’re an alien landing on earth:

You’d be shocked that in a world with 8B humans, most teams only ever consider a tiny fraction of those people.
Most businesses only hire in their backyard, and this is bad.

Anyone who’s done a global search knows that the volume of top-shelf talent is 1000X higher when you can hire across borders.

But it used to cost ~$80k (or more) and take months to hire someone in a new country.
So we built a way for businesses to hire anyone they want in minutes.

Along the way, we talked to hundreds of teams and decision-makers.

Most of them faced the same problem:

1. The global labor market is evolving

2. Organizations that don’t adapt will be left behind
There are band-aid solutions out there for this.

But we didn’t build Panther just to help the small % of people who realize that the best talent is global.

We want to inspire millions of people with the idea that talent has no borders. To build a better world.
And that’s where we get to today’s big announcement:

We’ve rebuilt our brand from the ground up. That’s most obvious on our new website:

The team did an amazing job here. It’s built to reflect the evolution of where this is all going.
To close, four ideas that guide everything we do:

1 - Remote work is the future for almost everyone

2 - A good remote team is more than video conferencing and messaging apps

3 - The best talent is global, so hire globally

4 - Simple, transparent documentation is key
That’s about it for today.

We’ve launched a new site and we’re all excited about it.

Give me a follow and we’ll learn, together, about the future of work.

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