BREAKING: Our new report provides the blueprint for Africa’s sustainable development.

The report shows how Africa can learn from the mistakes of the past & instead develop in a sustainable way which will see us thrive, not just survive 🧵⬇️
Kenyan President William Ruto: "Africa's renewable energy potential is 50 times greater than the anticipated global electricity demand for the year 2040." From President Ruto's foreword to a new report showing how the 21st Century can be the African Century.
Africa has huge potential for prosperity but this is hindered by a lack of food sovereignty, a lack of energy sovereignty and low-value exports relative to imports. This needs to change,.
Colonialism played a key role in structuring Africa’s economies and societies to meet the needs of the global north. Africa has suffered from decades of colonial pillage and neo-colonial extractivism
Our task is to replace this with policies that guarantee good food, clean energy & industrialisation for jobs, incomes & opportunities

The best, fastest & most affordable way to power this renewed development vision is a just transition away from fossil fuels towards renewables
Dirty energy for cooking is a major cause of deforestation, land degradation & indoor air pollution which is killing over 500,000 Africans every year. There can be no 1.5C limit without moving towards renewable energy for all
Africa can initiate this transition, but the global north must do its fair share in light of historical, colonial and ecological debts, while curbing its own pollution. Unfortunately, wealthy countries are shirking their responsibilities
Global North countries need to repay both their debts & agree to transform the international financial system in ways that creates genuine cooperation & ends perpetual entrapment and indebtedness for Africa
We need to see a Pan-African approach which will leverage African leadership to steer the world onto a sustainable path. African countries need to pool their resources & see each other as allies rather than rivals. We have far more that unites us than divides us
As President Ruto says: “Such a vision is laid out in this seminal report from African experts on issues of climate, energy, and development. The report also goes beyond a vision, and outlines ways to power the transition, that could make the vision a reality.”
To read the report and find out more about how Africa can grasp the potential of the next century visit: #AfricaDay2023 #AfricaJustTransition
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