Growing your Twitter account can replace your 9-5 income, but most DON'T know how to grow

I used ChatGPT to analyze what makes tweets go viral based on the code

Read on below to learn the secrets of the algorithm👇
I expanded on the findings from @NFT_GOD algorithm thread

I plugged the code changes he found into ChatGPT & asked it a bunch of questions

As you can see, the algorithm favors certain things over others

Lets start by finding out what has the most impact on whether the algorithm will pick up your tweets

-Threaded Tweets
-8 interactions tied for 3rd

Threads are HEAVILY promoted by the algorithm

Its interesting that replies have 9x the weight than a retweet
Highest factors to make tweets go viral:

Focus on writing original high quality threads that will gain a lot of replies

Maximize all of the 1.0 boosts, it adds up fast

Include media in your tweets
I classified these weights into Internal & External

Internal = You Control
External = You Don't Control

You should be maximizing everything in your control for EVERY tweet

As for external, what if theres a way for you to control that too? 🤔
Well, how do you control the external weights? There are 2 main ways:

🔹Write great content that sparks a comment
🔹Network & create a tribe

Your network will reply & engage with your tweets, boosting you in the eyes of the algorithm

Its really as easy as "make friends"
Twitter also uses a PageRank algorithm to recommend your account

You get ranked by the amount of quality interactions

To improve your rank:

🔹Interact with influencers that are likely to reply back
🔹Create a strong active network with regular interactions
Based on the Twitter algorithm, I asked ChatGPT to come up with actionable steps to grow your account
Based on the Twitter algorithm, I asked ChatGPT to create a sample content schedule to maximize growth

This is just a template, use it as a starting point for your own content schedule
To sum it into a TLDR:

🔹Maximize the amount of points you get from the algorithm weights for every tweet
🔹Make a lot of friends, engage often
🔹Produce high quality original content

The first two bullets are the gasoline for the algorithm to promote your content
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