Unpopular opinion:
Your 9-5 can make you rich.

I'm not a CFO.
I don't have a glamorous title.
But, I make a decent income.

And I'm retiring early.

Find out how to earn more at your 9-5 below:
1. Contribute more than you're being paid.

This is especially true in the beginning.
Learn everything you can.
Become a go-to person.

You'll eventually be rewarded for this.
2. Create relationships.

Your network determines your net worth.

There is a lot of truth to this statement.

Find colleagues with similar ambitions.
3. Do what's not on your job description

I received the biggest promotions after covering for people on maternity leave.

Yes, it was difficult to do my job plus cover for another person, but it also showed my managers (both times) what I was capable of and led to more money.
4. Change roles

Be open to new opportunities and challenges.

You expand your network.
You usually get a raise.
You learn more.
5. Be open to changing companies

I haven't changed companies too much, but when I have, I always ended up with more money.

Take a risk.
Try something new.

Make sure you have a new job lined up before you quit your current job.
Ready to take control of your money?
- pay off debt
- invest

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