Companies are paying $10k+ for graphic designs.

But AI can create designs for free.

Here's how to create any design for free using AI:
First, head over to
- Bing is Microsoft's free AI chatbot
- It uses OpenAI's Dall-E to create images

Then, select "Conversation style: More creative". This allows us to create better images.
1/ Logo


"Give me 3 ideas to create a logo using Bing Image Creator for my [product/service]. Describe the prompts as clearly as possible."

2/ Landing Page Hero Image


"Create 3 ideas for a graphic for my hero image on my landing page. It should be minimalistic and not too colourful. The theme of the image is: [theme]."

2/ eBook Cover


"Write a prompt to create a ebook cover for a [enter book description]."

3/ Youtube Video Thumbnail


"Create a background image for my youtube video thumbnail. The theme of the image is: [enter theme]."

4/ Email Newsletter Cover Photo


"Give me 3 ideas for a background image that I can use for my newsletter. The image shouldn't include texts, just graphics. My newsletter is about [enter topic]."

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