My take on the censorship situation in Turkey

It’s hard to overstate how critical Turkey’s alliance (political capture) was to US interests during the Cold War.

Turkey is the gateway to the East. It’s the only entry point from Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

Vital transshipment for arms, drugs, & all trade in Eurasia.
Turkey played a crucial role in NATO’s Operation Gladio. It was the key country connecting US ops in Eurasia & SE Asia to NATO allies (both overworld & underworld) in Italy and France.

And Turkey’s gate over Black Sea makes it key to defense of Ukraine.
Predictably, insatiable greed & miscalculation by US foreign policy elites pushed Turkey closer & closer to alliances with Russia and China.

Read with a critical eye, for example, this account from Brookings on how Turkey became a “bad boy”:
So it‘s the height of karma that the US State Dept is angered at Turkey’s new “media disinformation law.”

State Dept has been pushing for the exact same thing around the world to stop upstart political movements.

They’re just made it’s aimed at them now:
Funded by the US State Dept

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