gm to all you !Chimp lovers!
Apologies for the delay due to an IRL inconvenience, but now we're here, ready to celebrate the glory of the three brave and victorious Chimpers!

Welcome to the special winners edition of:

๐Ÿ†Cool Chimpers of The Day!๐Ÿ†
from @ChimpersNFT

@ChimpersNFT 2/

In less than 3 weeks, our Chimp-adventurers have managed to reach the Rock Dojo, another step towards reclaiming all the Spirit Jewels that Master Chimpo is desperately seeking!

Chimpers Chronicles EP.3:The Great Panda City has been unveiled.

@ChimpersNFT 3/
...and although all the Chimpers have shown incredible dedication and valor, these 3 have been the most determined to reach the finish line first! Congratulations!

But who are the 3 winners? Are they "special"? Let's find out together.
@ChimpersNFT 4/
The young scholar. Chocolate stick in his mouth and a carefree demeanor. The lucky plant he has on his head probably played a significant role in rolling the dice!!
An apparently "ordinary" one, rescued around 7 months ago and training in the dojo ever since!
@ChimpersNFT 5/
The young cadet. Setting off as a true warrior, in uniform and war paint, the adventure has clearly taken its toll on him, but despite that, he made it to the end!
A strict example of how even a single Chimp (in collection) can lead to incredible results!
@ChimpersNFT 6/
The middle-aged half-man. Here we have all the experience that has paved the way to victory! The legendary @Ebron85 knows well which Chimps to bet on: we have some of the most valuable grails in his collection; a truly deserving and awarded supporter!
@ChimpersNFT @Ebron85 7/
โœ…Two middle rarity (range 2000-3000) and one top 500.
โœ…1 great collector (35x) - 1 medium (9x) - 1 small (just 1)
โœ…3 Green Bandanas

From the statistics, it's easy to draw a lesson: anyone can reach the finish line, whether they are a small collector or a big investor.
@ChimpersNFT @Ebron85 8/
And what about the chimpsthetics?
What can I say, seeing them there on the podium is a marvel!๐ŸคŒ

Congratulations and thank you to the entire team for making our experience with you special and enjoyable!

Now let's get back to battling in the Dojo!๐Ÿ‘Š
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