(1/8) How our mom raised @nikil & me 👇

A couple days ago one of my teammates (who is a mom) asked me what our mom did to raise @nikil & me.

It got me thinking. Here are a few things our Mom did a bit differently that I’m super grateful for. 💙
(2/8) “It’s Gonna Happen” Mindset.💥

School was important, but Mom never demanded good grades. She never pressured us. Instead, she instilled an expectation of greatness in ourselves.

i.e. Instead of, "You must get good grades" or "If you get all A's I'll give you $100", she'd…
(3/8) Instilled Confidence. ⭐️

Mom failed pre-school & says it was one of her most important life lessons. When she repeated it the next year, she aced it since she’d seen it all before. She was suddenly “the smartest”.

The difference between the “dumbest” and the “smartest”…
(4/8) Independent Thinking. 🦄

Mom grew up in a small, conservative town. She wasn’t allowed to go to a different city for college. But she drove a car at 15 (unheard of for a woman at that time), wore bell bottoms, read Atlas Shrugged, and held to her own beliefs even when…
(5/8) Reverse Psychology. 🙈

Ok this one is controversial 😂 but if we did anything bad, the punishment was “taking away our books”. You could find me “sneaking books” under the covers late at night. Books became the most coveted pastime.

Say what you will about the method but…
(6/8) No Allowance. 💰

We never got allowance. Instead, we only had one pool of money. It was the family’s money and we all had to use the family’s money well. I got one pair of shoes at the beginning of the school year and would get another when those wore out.

I’m convinced…
(7/8) Figure it Out. 🦹‍♀️

When I was in 3rd grade, our fam went through a hard time. Mom immediately went back to school at the local college, got a masters, and started a company teaching people msft powerpoint at a booth in our local mall.

Work became dinner conversation. We…
(8/8) While I don’t know that we’re anything special, our parents definitely are. If it weren’t for this dedication & love, I don’t know where we’d be.

Happy mother’s day to the Viswanathan matriarch @usha_vish. Thank you for life and so much more. 💙 #MothersDay
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