Landing a Tech Internship Without a Computer Degree: My Experience

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1. Build Projects Instead of Certifications

When it comes to breaking into the tech industry without a computer degree, building projects can be more valuable than certifications. Projects demonstrate your practical skills and show employers what you can do.
2. Network

I reached out to people who were working in tech and asked for their advice. I attended meetups and industry events to make connections and learn about opportunities. This helped me to find out about open internships and get referrals.
3. Apply for many companies

I applied to a lot of internships that I felt I was qualified for. I took the time to tailor my resume and cover letter to each position. I also researched the companies and learned about their products and culture.
4. Practice Technical Skills:

I practiced my coding skills and worked on personal projects that demonstrated my abilities. I also took online courses and attended workshops to learn more about the tech industry. This helped me to feel more confident during technical interviews.
5. Be Persistent

It can be tough to break into the tech industry without a computer degree, but I didn't give up. I applied to many internships and went through multiple rounds of interviews. It took time, but eventually, I found an internship that was a good fit for me.
Overall, landing a tech internship without a computer degree is definitely possible.

Focus on your transferable skills, network, apply for internships, practice technical skills, be persistent, and keep learning. Good luck!
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